Paul McCleod is an amazingly powerful musician and songwriter.  I have seen him perform literally dozens of times and he always rocks the house with emotional pub rock.  The lyrics to his songs are memorable and tell amazing stories.  I hope you can understand some of them.  Here is a link to his myspace page.  You can only hear 3 songs here, but if you like these, then you can find him on youtube as well.  However, the recording quality is not as good as on his myspace page because the songs are recorded live.

Here are the lyrics to a great song.  See if you can understand the lyrics to Paul’s other two singles which are on his Myspace webpage.

A Clear Thought

So, you’re leaving in a day or two.
Is there nothing i can do?
Is there nothing i could to say to make you stay?
They tell me you’re not coming back.
You have had enough and you’re making tracks.
Everyone here wants something they can’t have.

I get up I’m spinning.
My head rolls. I’m reeling.
I can’t remember the last time I had a clear thought that didn’t involve you.

If i could stand on the edge of town.
Turn your traveling wheels around.
I would flag you down and never let you go.
If only one change comes along.
I could do worse than turn out wrong.
I could leave and never let you know.