This week was lots of fun.  Here are some of the things we learned and also a few other unanswered questions:

Demonsterous.  Apparently is an unofficial word.  I believed it was official, but I can’t find it in any dictionaries online.  However, I can find many references and examples of it on the web.  For example:

It seems to mean “wild, out of control, evil, demonic”.  I would like to point you to the definition of demonic, but also remind you that English people also use words in an exaggerated way sometimes, and in this case we use demonsterous to describe things that are clearly not.


We talked a bit this week about photosynthesis.  I found a good little article which explains the parts of a tree, and photosynthesis in easy to understand English.  Check it out.

I can recommend this website for lots of ecological and environmental information.  The articles are usually written in an easy to understand language, and this material would be a great introduction to anyone interested in developing or improving their scientific language skills!  There is a larger article which talks about tree rings, and more science about trees.  Be sure to click at the bottom to go to the next page and read the whole article!

Greenhouse Effect:

Although I can’t say whether these sites are factually accurate, I can say they are good if you want to improve your ability to read and understand science articles.  The first one is easier than the second one.  See if you can understand the more advanced article!