Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge… No really, I think A.I. bots have one advantage over my ability to teach.  That is, they can stay up all night, never need to take a break, and don’t eat McDonalds before class!  A.I. stands for “artificial intelligence”.  An A.I. bot is a computer program designed to have a conversation with you.  That is great if you are learning english.  Some of the downsides are that they can’t answer any problems, but I admit that they are generally pretty good at chatting.  The first A.I. bot on the interent was A.L.I.C.E..  Alice is pretty cute, and she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend… hmmm… I wonder what my chances are??!?  Here are some links to A.I. bots and you can check them out and have a conversation with them.  I promise you won’t be dissapointed.  You can also test out all those things you always wanted to say to someone but couldn’t.  I can especially advise you to ask them if they know each other.  You might be suprised.  Ask them about themselves, and about what their favorite things are!  Below is a list of Bots you can chat with, and a link to the Wikipedia article about ALICE.

Be sure to tell me how your conversation was, and record any amazing things!!