Today we talked about a topic, and that makes everyone a bit nervous.  Job interviews can be a bit nerve wracking, but with some practice and knowledge, anyone can ace an interview.  We made a quick list of things that you should always bring to the job interview:

Resume, portfolio, reference letters, diplomas, certificates, and questions you want to ask the employer.

I also think it’s a great idea to look through some jobs that are advertised, and send in your resume even if you are not looking for a job.  It helps to go to some job interviews for jobs you don’t even want.  That way when you go to an interview for a job you DO want, you can ace it!  If you get the job, great!  You can always say no, but thanks for the experience.  Here are some websites that offer job interview advice:

I looked at these questions and I think they are a good assessment of what English job interviews are like.

Some good general tips to job interviews

Here are some questions you can ask the company: