During the news class on Saturday in Dali, we talked about watching the news in English.  This requires very good listening skills.  How can you improve your listening slowly, so that you can watch news in English?  Watching video’s designed to improve listening, and repetitively listening to the same video can help.  Some students recommend these sites for watching news video’s.

V.O.A. News – Voice of America – Special English. (Intermediate listening skills) I looked at this news website and it’s grate for improving your listening.  Each news story comes with a transcript of the spoken dialogue.  There are a many different stories to choose from and many different weekly and daily radio shows with transcripts.  The spoken English is slow and smooth so you can practice enhancing your listening skills.  Here is a description that talks about how to use the website: http://www.voanews.com/specialenglish/about_our_website.cfm

Reuters – (Advanced listening skills) Reuters is one of the worlds largest and most trusted news sources.  Reuters stories are often used my newspapers around the world.  Their video news website is great because you can pick and choose from the new stories to create a playlist of only the stories you want, and then just sit back and watch them in the order you choose, or you can just watch random stories, or stories from a specific category.  I like this because it is similar to Television news because you don’t have to click a lot.  You can just relax and let the news stories play.

The Last Lecture – (Advanced listening skills) Here is a famous lecture given by a university professor who was dying of cancer.  This is Professor Randy Pausch’s last lecture at Carnegie Mellon.  It’s inspiring!

Ted.com – (Advanced Listening skills) Ted.com has speeches by lots of different people on lots of different topics.