Hi everyone.  I had a great day today!  I have been thinking about the long winter of Canada, and my favorite winter sport… Hockey!  What a rough sport!  At only 145 lbs (remember.. pounds 😉 I played hockey until age 16 when it became a treacherous event, riddled with the danger of potentially broken bones and looming competitiveness.  I arranged to quit hockey with my father, and he supported me in my quest to become a better downhill skier.  However this is an important moment between a Canadian father and son.  By this I am refering to the moment when a son quits playing hockey.  Many hours are spent together enjoying hockey games, 6 a.m. practices (cereal in the car) and team dramatics.

A particularly important story, “The Hockey Sweater” came to mind when reminiscing about Canadian culture and I wanted to share it with you.  Many of you have been so kind to share your amazing culture with me.  Here is the story.  It is called the Hockey Sweater.  You can watch the original animation cartoon here:


If you have some trouble understanding the pronunciaion, it’s because the narrator has a French-Canadian accent, and some of the radio parts are actually FRENCH!  I looked for a text version of the story but could not find one!  Sorry ;(  I hope you can enjoy some of this version.