Here is another interesting website to help hone your vocabulary and donate food to help end world hunger.  The food is donated through the UN world hunger program.  It is quite interesting and addictive.  I scored 100% so far.  There is no time limit, so you can take your time.  You can also choose to only be tested on vocabulary from one specific subject by clicking on subject list.  You don’t have to join or get a membership.  Just go to the website, start answering questions, and watch the rice bowl fill up.  I think this is the BEST website I have ever seen for practicing your vocabulary.  The quiz will automatically adjust depending on your skill level.  If you get answers wrong, it will become easier.  If you get them correct it will get more difficult.  That’s so cool.  There are 60 levels to the vocabulary quiz, and I have only made it to level 36 so far.  This is truly a case of the teacher becoming the student!  Don’t get discouraged.  I think that getting to level 4 or 5 is fantastic accomplishment for an ESL student.  I also suggest clicking on the “settings” tab at the top and changing the option.  Then you can keep track of your donations and it will not reset every time you go back to the website.  So far I have donated about 3000 grains of rice!!  Please brag to me about your top level and how much rice you can donate to help end hunger!

The subject list

Below the question you can see a menu that looks like the one below.  From here you can manually change your level.  I suggest starting at level 1, and working your way up.  You see your highest level, and restart the quiz.  It seems like this quiz is truly inexhaustible.   That means there are so many words that you will never see them all.