Well, it sure has been chilly this week!  As some of you know I have been complaining about the cold, and you have been asking me about life in Canada. Yes, Canada is certainly much colder than Taiwan, however we heat the indoors so, bad weather or not, it’s always nice and cozy inside the house, school, or business.  I also want to share a little information about the warmest part of Canada… The Okanagan Valley.  This valley gets tropical warm air all winter so the temperature rarely goes below 0 degrees celcius.  Hey, thats pretty warm for Canada.  Here is this weeks weather forcast for the one city in the Okanagan Valley.picture-1

As you can see the daytime temperature is above zero in Kelowna this week.

The Okanagan is also home to a large part of Canada’s grape vineyards and wine making festivals.  The other major wine making region of Canada is Niagara Falls, very close to my home!