While I love to take snap-shots (quick simple pictures) of things, I also like to try and be a real photography buff (knowledgeable person).  Here is a type of photography I came across while studying some photogrpahy techniques.  It’s called “tilt-shift photography” and “tilt-shift faking”.  If you want to read the complex details of these techniques you can read up on them from the wikipedia site, however I will give you the basic details.

Tilt shift photography is a way to make really large things look really small.  It requires some special lenses for your camera called a “tilt” lense, and a “shift” lense.  These lenses make your pictures look a little out of focus.  This effect is similar to using a “macro” lense to take pictures of really small things.  People have used this similarity to take pictures of real life things, and try to make them look like models of real life.  Kind of like trying to make the real world look like a toy!  You can click on the following images to see a larger version.



The lenses required are expensive and not easy to find.  Therefore, some people who like tilt-shift photography have tried to create the effects created by the lenses using photoshop or other comptuter software.  It’s fun to do!  This is called “tilt-shift faking” because you are faking the effect using computer software.

Some of the other effects used in “tilt-shift faking” are to brighten the colors in the picture, and to use more contrast.  These bright colors make the picture look even more like a toy model!

Here are some other cool websites you can check out if you want to see more or learn more!  Also, at the bottom, you will see my example of tilt-shift faking my picture of Taichung City.  It only took me about 10 minutes but it was really fun!  I think I will practice and see if I can make some more cool shots!

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