Wow, I’m really impressed with all the quiz scores. I guess I will just have to make them … harder??? 😀 Also, especially considering that I made a grammar error in question one of the basketball quiz… and it should have read… “didn’t commit”. :S Sorry.

I hope to do a few cool things this month. One thing is to read a story online. I remember my teacher reading stories to me when I was a student, and I truly believe that a great amount of my English ability came from listening to my teacher read an interesting story.

Many books are part of the “public domain”. This means that they are free from copyright and you can download, trade and use them in any way you choose to. This is great! Americans and many other countries are restricted by copyright laws. This means that downloading music and movies is illegal. However, much material is “public domain”. That means that it is NOT restricted by copyright. Maybe the creator of the material specifically wants it to be free. Even work that IS copyrighted NOW… will eventually become “public domain”. Yes that’s right… so all movies’ and pictures’ copyrights will eventually expire. Here is a graph showing how the duration of copyright protection has been changed in the past 30 or so years.

You can see that material copyrighted today can remain under copyright for over 100 years… 😦 How sad…

To make a long story short… I will be making some recording of myself reading some short stories and books, which are NOT restricted by copyright. That means that I can legally distribute the book over the internet, and I can also legally read the book and distribute it as an audio file. That means you can download the story and follow along, or just listen to the reading of the story. Hopefully I will get this ready before Monday next week!

This week, I will also write more about free books which are legally available for free over the internet.

See you soon!