What is the difference between “hope” and “wish”? The nouns, “a hope” and “a wish” are the same. However the verb usage is very different. Here are some websites that will teach you how to use the verb “wish”, which is more difficult because You must use the past tense with wish even when I am talking about the present. Ex. “I wish I had kung pao.”. Hope is used for things in the future or in the present. Ex. “I hope I have kung pao for dinner tonight.”

Also, wish is for things I already know the outcome of, and wish the outcome was different. Ex. “I wish she liked pizza” means I know she doesn’t like pizza.

Hope is for things I don’t know the outcome of. Ex. “I hope she likes pizza”
means I don’t know if she likes pizza or not.. but I hope she does.

Here are some websites which have MANY good exercises for “wish”.
(look for this column)