Synthetic (adj) – made by chemical synthesis, especially for faking natural materials, or man-made  products.
synthetic wood flooring, crystal, diamond, etc.
synthesis (n) – combining things to make new things.
synthesize (v) – to make something using synthesis, combine things into a single entity, or reproduce natural sounds.
synthesizer (n) – reproduces natural music sounds.
Synthetics (pl. n) – Any material made from chemicals. Since the 1900s, more and more of the materials used in everyday life are synthetics, including plastics (polythene, polystyrene), synthetic fibres (nylon, acrylics, polyesters), synthetic resins, and synthetic rubber. Most naturally occurring organic substances can now be made synthetically, especially pharmaceuticals.

Questions for Discussion:
What things can you think of that can be labeled synthetic?
What do you know about Bacteria?
Can you think of any current or possible future uses of bacteria?

Interesting Information:
What was the first synthetic material in history? 
Clay.. people combined dirt, and cooked it to make ceramics.
Other synthetic materials include: fake leather, kevlar, polymer plastics, polyester, nylon, neoprene, PVC, and fiberglass