I thought I would share one of the most popular websites in the world right now. This website is very influential for many reasons. 1) because it involves incredibly intellectual material, incredibly intelligent people and amazing idea’s. 2) because it is free, creative commons, “transparent” and open. 3) because it is free media available the internet (which is exploding through faster internet connections and hardware).

If you are interested in going to University abroad, this website is an amazing tool for improving your listening to public speaking. University professors are intelligent people, and listening to intelligent people helps you become more intelligent. That is a fact. At TED.com you will find amazing scientists and intellectuals giving speeches on a range of topics. There are subtitles and transcripts available.

If you are looking to develop skill as a public speaker, this website will show you how it is done… by the BEST. Confidence, precision, and clarity.

In short, this is one of my FAVORITE websites, and I hope you can follow, or learn to follow material like this. Here is an example of a presentation about the world’s English mania. If you have an interest in advanced cutting edge science, technology, and world changing idea’s. Ted.com is your best friend. If you have a favorite video, share it with me, or everyone by writing a comment on this blog. If you want me to recommend some to watch you can ask, or start with these ones: