I recently was reminded about how vulnerable our computers are to the nasty virus. Thanks Lucy! I think we should all watch this video to learn more about computer viruses and how they can affect our computers. I know this may sound like a deterrent, but…. if your computer is ill-equipped, then clicking on ANY link may be treacherous, even the ones on this blog!!!

See, I use a Macintosh computer. It’s commonly accepted among computer geeks, and the computer industry that Macintosh’s operating system, OS X is NOT a major target for computer hackers and virus programmers, because it is only a minority of the computer population. However, Windows computers are THE major target, and this means that you are probably at risk. When Macintosh/Apple computers become a large enough slice of pie, they will probably also fall prey to the elusive hacker!

Make sure you have the anti-virus software that is recommended by the computer geeks! Don’t settle for the expensive kind!

Look at this webpage to read about computer viruses, and at the bottom, watch a video about computer viruses!


and also check out this video which tells you about what to do with spam (spam is unwanted email sent by hackers to try and spread viruses)