Hi.. I just wanted to say…sorry for neglecting my blog this week. I have been a bit zonked from the hot weather, and also spending my free time training for the marathon in October. I am really giving it diesel these days.. I’m on “turbo” so to speak. I hope you can all bring my some of your favorite topics this week for news class… and even develop your public speaking skills a bit, but presenting your news story to the class. You won’t know how valuable it is until you need to do a presentation. Then, you will be happy to have had the chance to stand up and be a leader! I’m proud of many improvements in your speaking. Many of you seem to have great confidence and I enjoy hearing your comments, and enjoy answering your questions.

I’m curious to give out this topic to some students to research and let me know what you think.

The town hall meetings of the Obama Administration

Do you think they are cool, useful, innovative, or… a sham?

Chat with you soon! Bring me your ideas! Practice your communication!