Yesterday, we talked a bit about e-books, e-book readers, and e-
paper. I thought it was an interesting discussion and would like to share the gist. The Amazon “Kindle”, e-book reader is becoming quite popular and sells for about USD $299. An e-book reader is a device which is basically a LCD or e-paper display which can only display e- books. It’s for reading e-books.

E-books are basically pdf formatted books, which can be read using your computer or using an e-book reader, and maybe even some cell phones like the iphone, and other smart phones. E-books have been around for quite some time, and I used them often during my university days.

Here is an e-book search engine. Here you can search for free e-books and magazines.

E-paper is a specific technology which can display e-books. It is a thin screen that does not use backlight like regular LCD displays to. E-paper can therefore be read clearly in direct sunlight, and reflects light just like regular paper does. E-paper technology is in it’s infancy and will hopefully become much more common, popular and accessible in the next few years.

I have hopes that students will use e-book readers, or e-paper more in the future. Some people believe that regular newspapers, magazines and books will not exist in 10 years. Although I doubt that, some news papers are already available in e-book format, and subscriptions can be purchased using the Kindle and other e-book readers. They are automatically downloaded from the internet using a wifi chip in the e- book reader, or can also be uploaded to the reader from USB.

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