Hi Everybody!

I just want to say thanks for your support and many kind words. I’m a bit disappointed that my blog is suffering this summer, but I have plans to revive it for the autumn. My burn is healing quite well and should be 100% healed in another week.

I’m setting my sights on health and exercise right now. I have noticed that I must make some changes to my diet to keep my energy up. Having a correctly balanced diet is so essential to maintain my ability to train day in and day out. I had to give up Lu Ro Fan (pork rice), and yes, even Kung Pao Chicken to get enough carbohydrates, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Like I said, my blog will continue to be slow for the next few months, but I am planning some great stuff for the future. More videos, more audio stories, more lesson plans, and even more quizzes and article- related stuff!

I hope you continue to have a great summer!