Ok, I want to introduce a few new concepts and words in English.

1) Freaking out, having a fit / coniption, spazzing out, going crazy. These are all verb phrases for this action here… (watch video) This kid goes nuts over his parents rules.

Here he is again going stark raving mad because he doesn’t like the present his parents bought him for his birthday. Wow what a spoiled kid!

2) Viral (adj) – Viral usually applies to medicine and things that are related to virus’. However it’s commonly used to describe videos and websites on the internet that become very popular very quickly. Like 1 million visits in one day… that’s viral. We also say things like…. This video is going viral right now! It just means that it is passing from person to person very quickly.

3) Mess with someone’s head. This verb phrase was in an article the other day. It means to play tricks on someone or bother them psychologically. There are lots of people who like to play pranks on other people. Here you can watch two people; Tom Green, and Annoying Devil, who play lots of pranks to make people mad. Kinda makes me miss Canada a bit. You never know what you will see when you leave the house!