I have discovered an amazing part of life which I never knew before. When I look back now, I can’t imagine how life was worth living without… toe socks (pictured below).  My sister had always praised their glory, but… I used to laugh and shrug it off.  NO MORE I SAY!  The freedom of moving my toes around in my shoe, and feeling a gentle massage between my toes is unimaginable. If you have not tried this amazing article of footwear, please get on the bandwagon. Don’t let others laugh at you!!! It’s AWESOME!!

I would also like to teach you a popular slang formulation of a word for describing feelings we really really love!  When something gives us a feeling of extacy, we can modify the noun “orgasm” to help describe our feelings.  Of course, orgasm is from sex, but if we eat … let’s say.. Kung Pao and we LOVE it, we can say… Kung-Pao-gasm.  So basically, take the end of the word “gasm” and put any noun in front of it.

For my situation, I could use the words “foot-gasm”, “toe-gasm”, “sock-gasm”, and maybe a few more to describe the feelings involved because these nouns are all related to the situation.  Remember this is slang, and informal language. 😀

By the way, I will never wear conventional socks again!!! Hope you had an inspiring day!