Hello everybody! There is an exhibit at the Natural Science Museum which to teach us more about Charles Darwin. I maintain that from a Western Scientific, historical and, philosophical standpoints, Charles Darwin is not the creator of evolutionary theory, but merely the one to expand it and develop it in our modern age. Before Darwin, other western philosophers had proposed that evolution happened due to struggle for survival and adaptation to the natural environment. I don’t mean to take glory away from Charles Darwin, but merely strive to put his work in more accurate and realistic perspective of western philosophy.

A few examples within this well known western tradition of the study of evolutionary forces are √Čtienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Jean Lamarck, Robert Edmond Grant, and many mofre. And survival of the fittest philosophy in western culture stems all the way back to Greek Olympic traditions, and even Egyptian philosophy!

Here is a quote from WIkianswers:

“Jean Lamarck also had the idea of organisms changing, but his idea was that of acquired traits that are passed on from generation to generation. For example, he explained the long necks of giraffes to have come about because they continually stretched their necks to get at the tree leaves. “Unlike Darwin, Lamarck held that evolution was a constant process of striving toward greater complexity and perfection.”

Here is a BBC documentary about Charles Darwin.