The recent news stories in Taiwan about importing American beef has undoubtedly created lots of controversy, and I have done some research to support the information I already have. I studied some of this during university from an Anthropological perspective, because people have been diagnosed with this disease before in Papa New Guinea where humans traditionally ate their ancestors brain during a funeral ritual. This act of consuming brain tissue caused a similar production of “prions” which is a malformed protein. These prion proteins mostly collect in the brain and spinal tissue of infected animals. When the people in Papa New Guinea stopped eating their ancestors, their community stopped getting the disease.

I encourage everyone to exercise the practice of care, and vigilance to avoid and screen all your foods to make sure they do not contain any American beef

Here is a website with more information:

World Health Organization Factsheet:

Health Canada website which thoroughly provides information:

Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease

From WHO website:

“From October 1996 to November 2002, 129 cases of vCJD have been reported in the United Kingdom (UK), six in France and one each in Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United States of America. Insufficient information is available at present to make any well-founded prediction about the future number of vCJD cases.”

If you want more reading material, or help to understand this disease, or situation you can ask me.