Well, I wrote the TOEIC exam a while back and I am finally finished the advice for this test. I hope to write some more placement exams next year and give some helpful advice for these tests also. There are 3 parts to this article.

The TOEIC Exam: Advice for Study and Test-day Preparedness

I wrote the TOEIC exam this year and I have prepared a brief summary of advice I can offer which should help you deicide how and what to study. Although I got a high score, I didn’t write the test to get a high score. I wrote the test so I could give you some advice on writing the TOEIC.

Getting a High Score!

Getting a high score is not easy, different people will consider a different score acceptable. I think that some of the most important factors for getting a high score are:

1) experience – the test will seem much easier the second or third time you write it because you will have developed a strategy to deal with each section. You should plan to write the test more than once to get your best score to show your potential employer. One of my students took the placement test 3 or 4 times. He was discouraged with his first few marks, but in the end, he ACED the test!

2) preparation and practice – being prepared for the types of questions by practicing those specific question types. You don’t become an olympic marathon runner by practicing baseball, and the same is true for getting a high score on a placement or proficiency exam. You need to practice exactly the types of questions on the test!

3) speed – being able to do the questions correctly and fast!