Although it might look like the chickens are just having a good time, getting a suntan and enjoying a beer just like we do, this is actually a picture of a recipe called “Beer Butt Chicken”. I learned this from my mom, and it’s a tasty snack. You can check the recipe here. Lately we have been talking about a few different chicken recipes. Maybe because of Thanksgiving. In my classes this week we talked about wine soaked chicken, and I got the recipe from one student (thanks Suzie!) and Korean rice stuffed chicken, ginger duck soup, and maybe even a few more, but I can’t remember. Maybe we can all share some recipes with each other to help pass the cold season. We all have more time to be inside, and cook (also, cooking more will help keep the house warm, and old Canadian trick!)

Here is a link to the recipe for “Beer Butt Chicken”

Please feel free to post your recipes in the comment section below! Have a great day!”