Canada has had a history of “interesting” incidents regarding our beloved winter Olympics. There was Ross Rebagliati who drug tested positive for marijuana after his gold medal snowboarding medal, and then people said that this year’s torch looked like a marijuana joint. ( ).

This was another interesting year for Canadians at the Olympics. I love my home dearly, and think it’s great to see the amazing women we have in Canada kicking butt! My sister plays hockey and is a sports fanatic also! After the Canadian Woman’s Olympic team won the gold medal they celebrated in true Canadian fashion, by having a beer (and a cigar, but that’s not typically Canadian). The IOC (International Olympic Committee was upset, and the women were forced to apologize.

Despite the controversy, this type of celebration is nothing new to sports. Baseball, hockey, basketball, and football fans usually see alcohol during celebrations by the winning team after the game, and many stay tuned to watch hours of television coverage after the main event is over.

So, why all the controversy here? One reason in my opinion; Not because of the gender of the party, but because it was the Olympics. What do you think? Anyway, here is a nice picture of our pretty ladies getting their drink and smoke on!

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You can also watch the following video from an American on Youtube. He comments on the celebration and says “Good for them”. I agree with that, but he seems to think the uproar was because they were women. I disagree and theorize that it was just because it was this was an Olympic event.