I recently read an article in Yahoo News in which a geological scientist explains that the number of earthquakes we recently experienced is quite normal, and there is nothing to fear. In his article he tells us the average number of 6, 7 and 8 magnitude earthquakes each year, and explains that so far, during this year, we are still within those averages.

Here is the article:http://news.yahoo.com/s/csm/20100304/wl_csm/284891

More about the Weather

The farmer’s Almanac is a annually published book which tries to predict the weather for each year and season. It’s history goes back almost 200 years to 1818 when it was first published. The Farmer’s Almanac uses moon phases, astrology, and tidal phases to predict the weather this year, but it’s methodology is highly secretive. Here are some videos about the 2010 winter:

Here is a video that talks about the Farmer’s Almanac Predictions for winter 2010 back in September 2009:

And here is a recent article which compares the recent 2009-10 winter to the average to show that it was in fact colder than average. (This is tough reading, but good for those looking to improve their science reading ability)

Here is a video that explains Groundhog Day. I know this one is a bit late, but some people were asking me about the history before: