Here is a big list of quizzes that you can use to hone your business English knowledge. These tests are also perfect practice for TOEIC, or TOEFL, or GEPT practice. The list is long, and the quiz level describes the difficulty. By the way, you have to click on the blue triangle on the right side to take the quiz. (See image below)

Here is the link:

Here is great site. This site has links to two business idioms pages with quizzes. There is also a main page to this site which offers many other types of idioms. However, I will focus today on the business idioms.

Business Idioms & Quizzes:

Business Negotiation Idioms & Quizzes:

The Idiom Connection (main site)

Business Idioms Hang-man. Simple. Fun. Cool. What more can I say? I’m addicted to this site.