Have you ever seen an English teacher during a moment of uncertainty? No? I can hardly believe that. While teachers LOVE to entertain your questions, it’s oft that a certain question tickles a nerve of uneasiness, and certainly a well placed question could rock your dear English teacher helplessly amiss. Why? Well, during our education in English, we may come across several well known disputes about the English language itself. We may have subscribed to one camp or another, but many remain in sway. There are quite a few disputes about technical style, and some argue that usage is the most important determinant factor altogether. So, yours truly believes that the latter camp takes the prize for the ease of application, and inclusion. However, purists may nay nay me to my (or their) grave (depending).

Here is the wiki which offers a joy-ride of disputes in English grammar to ponder over your summer vacation, or rather to just read casually, as an exercise in studying advanced grammar. Please…. don’t kill the messenger!

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