Here is a way for you to improve your pronunciation. It can apply to anyone, at any level.

1) write down some (4 or 5) common expressions that you use in your English speaking. For example: Hey honey, I’m home!

2) Practice saying that sentence 10 times using a normal speaking voice (don’t whisper)

3) Practice saying the sentence 10 times as fast as you can. It’s ok if you make some mistakes, but try to force yourself to be clear

4) Practice saying the sentence with different emotions (angry, happy, sad, questioning)

Repeat the exercise with a different expression, sentence or phrase from your own English. This will strengthen your facial muscles and give you extra dexterity with your tongue. The muscles on the sides of your face (cheeks) are especially important for English (L’s, R’s, W’s, N’s, etc). If you practice enough, you can look like the guy in the picture above!!