When should we use capital letters? The above image gives us the basic rules. But, there are lots of rules. Too many! Many, many, many! The basic rules are important for everyday writing. However, when writing more formal documents like applications to university or for employment, a greater, more substantial knowledge of what to capitalize becomes important. For example:

I want to enroll in the course Math 232 with Professor Jones.


I want to enroll in a math course with Mr. Jones, the professor whom I spoke with on the phone.

Hmm.. lets look at the bold words. You can see when we compare the two sentences there is some difference in way we capitalize the highlighted words. I will get to the reason later.

For now, here are 3 websites that outline the rules for capitalization. Be warned! These lists of rules are BORING, and you should only use them as a reference, of if you are truly interested and ready to understand the rules of capitalization. If you have any questions about whether this is truly important for you, please ask me. DO NOT SPEND YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT STUDYING THESE RULES!!! 😛

(The websites are listed in order of easiest to understand, to most advanced)