Here is the map for the bike trip on April 17th. Hope you all can come!

Are your legs ready for summertime? Come on this short 11km bike trip to sexy up your legs for those short-shorts and enjoy a fun day of learning about bikes! From the Dali branch GVO to the 185 Warehouse in Daken, we will ride together at a comfortable pace, have lunch, and learn some important things about bikes! You can meet the bike shop owner James who is from South Africa, ask him anything about bikes, meet his lovely wife, and have lunch and coffee!!

Please let me know if you can join!!! Send me questions if you have any… and….

P.S. – ANYONE… I mean ANYONE can to this trip. It may seem far, but you will be surprised at your ability! Plus, the bike trail is smooth, convenient! There is no traffic to worry about. Also, bring your friends and family if you like!

Dali to Daken
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