Black swan is easily my favorite movie of 2011, and in all respects, what I think a good movie should be. There were minimal, but haunting special effects, the dialogue was minimal, but realistic and well delivered, and finally the set designs were fluent and powerful in a marble chess board sort of way. A new emotion was created in each of the few setting of the script. Finally, the movie was well under 2 hours.

Black Swan is clearly of the art film genre, with a touch of horror. The small, but neatly twisted ending left me wondering if it was a happy, or sad retreat. Walking away from a movie a tad confused and with some memorable scenes still running their way through my subconscious is what I get off on, so the slight staggers in the plot flow create good but quickly resolved suspense. Appropriate for the movie goer with a life to get back to. If you know how picky I am about films then you know that me giving this an “epic” rating is the highest compliment. Best thing since Shutter Island!