If you need to improve your pronunciation, you can do a few things.

1) Listen to an ESL magazine article (such as Global Voice) being read on CD, and repeat the pronunciation

2) Listen to a vocabulary list being read on CD and repeat the pronunciation

3) Try this website. Listen and repeat with the voice.

4) Search my blog for “pronunciation” to find other articles which have advice about pronunciation.

There are a two key elements to good intermediate pronunciation. The first, is the “emphasis” or “stress” of words. You need to know which part of the word to stress. Such as DOCtor, not docTOR. You can get this information from a dictionary if you are learning a new word and are unsure how to pronounce it. If you know KK pronunciation syntax then you can learn new words pronunciation easily. The second important element of good pronunciation is strong muscles in your mouth. Your muscles have memory. When you switch languages you need to retrain your jaw muscles and learn new movements. When you repeat the difficult word in the correct way, your muscles will develop new abilities.

That’s it!