In another story related to autonomous automobiles Amazon has boldly announced potential and very hopeful plans to use auto-helicopter drones to deliver packages. This is a hugely ambitious, very exciting, and potentially disruptive technology that would revolutionize the delivery of physical products. Of course if approved by the aviation administration this is going to put swathes of Americans out of work. However, I assume that policymakers and government bodies are ready to deal with this type of disruption considering the Google car has received permission for testing in two states and is probably within a decade of being licensed for consumer use.

Also, it may be feasible to land helicopter in your front lawn in the Midwest or suburban America but it’s hard to see how this would be feasible in most major urban centers. I’m also curious if this will be part of Amazon prime or if it will be an additional surcharge for helicopter drone delivery.

Amazon does octocopters! (pictures)

What’s faster than next-day delivery? Try a 30-minute flight from warehouse to your door — via octocopter. That’s Jeff Bezos’ vision for the Amazon o…