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Check out this video on YouTube:

Check this article talking about life in Taiwan after the Jeremy Lin story.

The Beat Generation is a culture, lifestyle, and poetry style emerging during the 1950s in America. If you are ready for a challenge of abstract grammar, vocabulary, and imagery, you can engulf your mind with the poetry of the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William S. Burrows. If you are intermediate English, listening to beat generation poems being performed in their traditional way can help your listening just because they are a blast of words. You can challenge yourself to understand what you can, maybe just small pieces here and there.

What do I recommend? Turn off the lights, turn it on, just listen. And, don’t blame me if you have English nightmares!

Here’s a video of Allen Ginsberg reading his famous poem “Howl”.
Here is the words to the poem :

I recently watched a movie called “Blue Valentine”. It’s a new drama film from 2010. When I’m at home in Canada, I like to chat with my friends about the movie afterwards. We sometimes share our take on the characters, symbolism and message that the writer, producer, or director was trying to get across. After watching “Blue Valentine”, I had so many questions. It was a sad movie, and it was difficult to understand what was happening at some parts because film jumped through time to different events in a couple’s life together. No matter what kind of movies you like, if you enjoy talking about movies, reading about what other people think about the story and characters, then you could consider visiting a movie chat forum.

A movie chat forum is a great place to improve your reading comprehension, and perhaps even vocabulary and writing. You don’t have to write, you can just read if you are too shy. Below I have compiled a list of movie forums, and several links that can get you started to find people who are chatting in English about your favorite movies.

Movie Chat Forum Sites:
** you should find and use the search boxes to find posts about movies you are interested in.
** you should use ” ” around the name of the movie you are looking for (E.g. “blue valentine”)

The Movie Forum

Total Film

Preview for “Blue Valentine”

If you are interested in the recent news from North Korea, you should watch this documentary. It’s stunning! This video below is only part 1. You have to watch all six to hear the true story. A website online called it a “romcom” (romance comedy). Hah. Not exactly.

Check out this video on YouTube:

It’s from today’s article:

I think this website is a good one for practicing your English. It can teach you all kinda of cool things. Pick your favorite category and go.

Here is a sample:

Learn some beer tasting!

If you are interested in financial, and economic language you can try listening to the same internet radio show that I listen to.  DH Unplugged is a great show involving a market analyst and a money manager who discuss the weekly trends in the economy, as well as political and future trends.  The hosts do a good job to teach, as well as inform and even joke around a bit.  It might be tough listening, but if you have the chops it’s a good choice to improve your listening increase your economic vocabulary.

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