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I think this website is a good one for practicing your English. It can teach you all kinda of cool things. Pick your favorite category and go.

Here is a sample:


Learn some beer tasting!

If you are interested in financial, and economic language you can try listening to the same internet radio show that I listen to.  DH Unplugged is a great show involving a market analyst and a money manager who discuss the weekly trends in the economy, as well as political and future trends.  The hosts do a good job to teach, as well as inform and even joke around a bit.  It might be tough listening, but if you have the chops it’s a good choice to improve your listening increase your economic vocabulary.

The article this week mentioned this song by Frank Sinatra. It’s a cute song and easy listening. Here you go! Sing along! Just remember that the American romantic views of marriage are dead!

Black swan is easily my favorite movie of 2011, and in all respects, what I think a good movie should be. There were minimal, but haunting special effects, the dialogue was minimal, but realistic and well delivered, and finally the set designs were fluent and powerful in a marble chess board sort of way. A new emotion was created in each of the few setting of the script. Finally, the movie was well under 2 hours.

Black Swan is clearly of the art film genre, with a touch of horror. The small, but neatly twisted ending left me wondering if it was a happy, or sad retreat. Walking away from a movie a tad confused and with some memorable scenes still running their way through my subconscious is what I get off on, so the slight staggers in the plot flow create good but quickly resolved suspense. Appropriate for the movie goer with a life to get back to. If you know how picky I am about films then you know that me giving this an “epic” rating is the highest compliment. Best thing since Shutter Island!

This link is a great list of saying in English. Whether you ear giving advice or making an excuse, you need some proverbs or sayings on your conversation. I took a quick look through these and they are mostly still common and in use.

If you are interested in Canadian culture these quotes about Canada can give you a sense about our humor and politics. Ask me if you have questions!!

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