I think this website is a good one for practicing your English. It can teach you all kinda of cool things. Pick your favorite category and go.

Here is a sample:


If you want to learn or hear about the various English accents, please watch these videos. They provide a good explanation of the difference between the accents. Practice!!!!

If you are interested in financial, and economic language you can try listening to the same internet radio show that I listen to.  DH Unplugged is a great show involving a market analyst and a money manager who discuss the weekly trends in the economy, as well as political and future trends.  The hosts do a good job to teach, as well as inform and even joke around a bit.  It might be tough listening, but if you have the chops it’s a good choice to improve your listening increase your economic vocabulary.

The Dali Lama walks into the pizza shop and asks the shopkeeper, “can you make me one with everything”?

Why is this funny? Simple… Well not so simple. It has a double meaning.

1) make me “one” (a pizza) with ALL the toppings.

2) make me together one piece with the whole universe. One goal of mediation is to feel that yourself and he universe is one entity. (if you are still confused, look up the adjective “one”).

Here is the video with the the guy who had the gall to ask the Dali Lama the joke. His holiness doesn’t get it.

The article this week mentioned this song by Frank Sinatra. It’s a cute song and easy listening. Here you go! Sing along! Just remember that the American romantic views of marriage are dead!

This video claims something I have been saying in my class for a ling time. Your mistakes help you, being wrong is normal part of life.

Also… Shopping is good for you?? I’m not convinced.

Here is a short podcast you can listen to about advanced capitalization rules:

Here is a link to the article and the audio:

Here is a link to just the audio:

By the way, Grammar Girl’s podcast is a great way to learn advanced listening, grammar, and writing. She talks about grammar and style for writing to native English speakers.

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