Here is a strategy for improving your speaking and your listening. I think it might be the best way for intermediate level speakers to reach an advanced level.

Think of the Chinese Zodiac for a minute. Or else, think of the Vedic astrology. According to Vedic astrology I am a Pieces (double fish). I just want you to think about this so you can remember that although everyone is different, some people are similar to each other. In fact, you may think of a celebrity you are similar to, you might want to be like, or seems appealing to you. For this to be effective you need to think of an English celebrity, or video-caster on Youtube (does not have to be famous). By watching your favorite speaker speak, you will naturally adopt heir style, and phrases. I noticed that after watching my favorite wine-reviewer’s videos every night for a few months, I started to absorb his vocabulary, speaking style, and confidence.

Here is a link to one of his last video about wine editing. Sometimes things come to an end, and people move on. I’m terribly sad that he moved on from reviewing wine, because he was a great reviewer and entertainer. On the other hand, I can always hope he will come back to reviewing wine on the Internet. It seems like he really enjoys it.

Keith Lightfoot has a great Youtube Channel learning about improving your public speaking. If you want to improve, watch his videos and listen to what he says. It will take practice also. You need to spend time in a conversation class, or perhaps you will get practice in your company or university course.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Good Luck

If you like whiskey, then you know how hard it is to read the names of the various brands. They have unorthodox spelling because they are often Scottish names.

This website will give you the pronunciations for most popular brands.

If you need to improve your pronunciation, you can do a few things.

1) Listen to an ESL magazine article (such as Global Voice) being read on CD, and repeat the pronunciation

2) Listen to a vocabulary list being read on CD and repeat the pronunciation

3) Try this website. Listen and repeat with the voice.

4) Search my blog for “pronunciation” to find other articles which have advice about pronunciation.

There are a two key elements to good intermediate pronunciation. The first, is the “emphasis” or “stress” of words. You need to know which part of the word to stress. Such as DOCtor, not docTOR. You can get this information from a dictionary if you are learning a new word and are unsure how to pronounce it. If you know KK pronunciation syntax then you can learn new words pronunciation easily. The second important element of good pronunciation is strong muscles in your mouth. Your muscles have memory. When you switch languages you need to retrain your jaw muscles and learn new movements. When you repeat the difficult word in the correct way, your muscles will develop new abilities.

That’s it!


If you want to learn or hear about the various English accents, please watch these videos. They provide a good explanation of the difference between the accents. Practice!!!!