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Here is a list of blogs in English which are about Taiwan. They are written by expats, and Taiwanese. You might find one that you really enjoy. Either way, there is tons of reading here, all about life in Taiwan.

The View from Taiwan: My biking buddies blog. Political:

Taiwan in Cycles: My biking buddies blog. About the bike industry and biking in Taiwan: http://taiwanincycles.blogspot.com/

David on Formosa: Political blog from Taichung:

3q2u: About life in Asia:

A Blend of Both: Taiwanese-American girl teaching English in Taipei http://ablendofboth.com/

A Bowl of Electric Soup: A photo blog from Central Taiwan

A Daughter’s Heart: Christian Religious blog of a Taiwanese girl http://mirandarockhill.blogspot.com/

Notes of a Former Native Speaker: Political blog

I Love Taiwan: Travel Blog from a Teacher in Taichung




I took a long break from the blog. All I can say is that if you come to my class then you know I have had a hip injury for about 4 months, and that has taken up most of my energy. I’m still healing. I hope this winter I can dedicate more time to my blog, and include some new things as well. Anyway, here is a website with 25 TOEIC grammar quizzes and answers. You have to write down your answers on paper, it’s not a web-based test.


Here is a video which gives some rules to think about when changing large numbers from Chinese into English. I hope you enjoy it. Please take time to rate the video in Youtube! Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end because there are a few test questions at the end.

I found this quite interesting video about tea from the 1940’s. I hope you have time to watch it and then complete the quiz below! The video is about 10 minutes, and there are 10 questions. I think the listening and comprehension level is about intermediate, or high-intermediate level. If you have any questions please ask me.

Watch this video and them complete the quiz below.

Tea Making Tips (1941)
1) Tea storage is very important because:
insects will damage the tea, and contaminate it
tea is a very delicious sensual plant
tea should be kept as dry and contamination free as possible
tea should be kept dry and contaminated freely
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Yo (hello), slang is the bomb diggity (great). Yo ass (you) should inspect these slang quizzes!

RANDOM SLANG QUIZ (this one you can keep playing again and again to get new slang questions. It’s also a good one to play with your friends, because you have to guess before you look at the answer. I think that makes it difficult)








Here is another amazing resource for those who want to learn more about their favorite subject, their business products. When you know what something is, but you don’t know the correct word, the Visual Dictionary can help. Just find the category that you are looking for, and then look at a picture to find the specific word you need.

Here is a link to the Visual Dictionary by Miriam Webster. You can choose the category on the left side or in the middle.


Here is another good picture dictionary.


For example, here is a hockey player:


Wow.. here is a hockey tournament for people over the age of 80. I don’t know if you can see this video because it’s not Youtube, but check it out. If you can see it let me know what you think. You can see how passionate Canadians are about their sport of hockey!


Hello everybody! There is an exhibit at the Natural Science Museum which to teach us more about Charles Darwin. I maintain that from a Western Scientific, historical and, philosophical standpoints, Charles Darwin is not the creator of evolutionary theory, but merely the one to expand it and develop it in our modern age. Before Darwin, other western philosophers had proposed that evolution happened due to struggle for survival and adaptation to the natural environment. I don’t mean to take glory away from Charles Darwin, but merely strive to put his work in more accurate and realistic perspective of western philosophy.

A few examples within this well known western tradition of the study of evolutionary forces are Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Jean Lamarck, Robert Edmond Grant, and many mofre. And survival of the fittest philosophy in western culture stems all the way back to Greek Olympic traditions, and even Egyptian philosophy!

Here is a quote from WIkianswers:

“Jean Lamarck also had the idea of organisms changing, but his idea was that of acquired traits that are passed on from generation to generation. For example, he explained the long necks of giraffes to have come about because they continually stretched their necks to get at the tree leaves. “Unlike Darwin, Lamarck held that evolution was a constant process of striving toward greater complexity and perfection.”

Here is a BBC documentary about Charles Darwin.

I have discovered an amazing part of life which I never knew before. When I look back now, I can’t imagine how life was worth living without… toe socks (pictured below).  My sister had always praised their glory, but… I used to laugh and shrug it off.  NO MORE I SAY!  The freedom of moving my toes around in my shoe, and feeling a gentle massage between my toes is unimaginable. If you have not tried this amazing article of footwear, please get on the bandwagon. Don’t let others laugh at you!!! It’s AWESOME!!

I would also like to teach you a popular slang formulation of a word for describing feelings we really really love!  When something gives us a feeling of extacy, we can modify the noun “orgasm” to help describe our feelings.  Of course, orgasm is from sex, but if we eat … let’s say.. Kung Pao and we LOVE it, we can say… Kung-Pao-gasm.  So basically, take the end of the word “gasm” and put any noun in front of it.

For my situation, I could use the words “foot-gasm”, “toe-gasm”, “sock-gasm”, and maybe a few more to describe the feelings involved because these nouns are all related to the situation.  Remember this is slang, and informal language. 😀

By the way, I will never wear conventional socks again!!! Hope you had an inspiring day!


Ok, I want to introduce a few new concepts and words in English.

1) Freaking out, having a fit / coniption, spazzing out, going crazy. These are all verb phrases for this action here… (watch video) This kid goes nuts over his parents rules.

Here he is again going stark raving mad because he doesn’t like the present his parents bought him for his birthday. Wow what a spoiled kid!

2) Viral (adj) – Viral usually applies to medicine and things that are related to virus’. However it’s commonly used to describe videos and websites on the internet that become very popular very quickly. Like 1 million visits in one day… that’s viral. We also say things like…. This video is going viral right now! It just means that it is passing from person to person very quickly.

3) Mess with someone’s head. This verb phrase was in an article the other day. It means to play tricks on someone or bother them psychologically. There are lots of people who like to play pranks on other people. Here you can watch two people; Tom Green, and Annoying Devil, who play lots of pranks to make people mad. Kinda makes me miss Canada a bit. You never know what you will see when you leave the house!

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