P1020367Here are some tips on using my blog that may help enhance your experience:

On the right hand side you can see the categories that my blog has.  If you click on a category, you will only see the blog articles for that category.  The categories are:

Recent News Lesson Plans – the lessons plans that I create about recent news events.

Listening Quiz’s – the quiz’s I create for the GVO magazine.

Stories – recent news stories that are interesting.

Class Discussions – things we talked about in class and answers to questions we talked about in class.

ESL Website/Exercise – ESL websites or exercises to improve and enhance your english learning.

Grammar/Vocabulary – special grammar and vocabulary articles about a specific phrase or group of words.

Without Class Discussions – this category will eliminate all class discussions posts.  This is needed because there are so many class discussion posts that they will often take up the most room.

At the bottom of the page you can go to see the older posts by clicking on previous posts, in the bottom left corner.  I would also recommend using the RSS (Click here to read about RSS.  What is RSS??) ability of my blog to allow you to quickly and easily see new posts.


14 Responses to “How to Use My Blog”

    1. Korell Says:

      got to mention this, you got the really COOL and formal(?!) photograph, which is SO suitable for advertising!!

  1. leo Says:

    dear joe
    happy new year to you.
    maybe you have home sick, but i think you can overcome
    i have question about comparison and contrast.
    i have no idea to distinguish these words. you can give me some senses to me.
    thanks leo

    1. Joseph Says:


      Good question Leo. Here is the basic answer.

      Compare : evaluate similarities and differences
      Contrast : emphasize differences

      Hope that helps.


  2. Mina Says:

    hi Joe:

    I am Mina who mention about the interesting show.
    I lost the linker of his website but I find the clip on youtube.

    If the linker can’t work just search “jeff dunham” on youtube.
    You can get bouch of clips about his amusing clips.
    Have fun!

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