Here is a lesson plan I recently developed.  Please feel free to use it as you choose.  You can use this to help teach someone basic grammar and practice your skill as an English tutor!


1. Would you like to go to space?
2. How much money would you pay to go to the moon?
3. Do you think we will live in space in the future?
4. Is science or people’s lives more important?
5. What do you think it feels to walk in space?

SHANGHAI – Astronaut Zhai Zhigang was in space on Saturday.

As he exited the craft, you could hear his voice in Beijing.

President Hu Jintao was on hand to watch the historic walk.

He waved at the camera and said he wanted to send greetings to everyone in China and around the world.

Zhai said, “People of my country, have faith in me and we will finish this mission.”

Zhai waved the red flag of the People’s Republic of China in space for the first time.

Zhai spent 20 minutes outside the spaceship.

The spacesuit he wore was 120-kilograms, and cost $4.4 million USD.

The spacecraft is due to return to earth on Sunday.


As _______________________, __________________________________.

1. Things happening at the same time
2. As = Because

On hand (adj phrase)

1. There, in that place, present

do something for the first time

(be) due to

1. because of
2. is expected to