I recently stumbled upon this website which is a new and interesting idea. It collects writing from anyone on the web. You can write articles and submit them to the site. The site is called Helium. I’m not sure why, but if you are interested, I looked at the “English Language” catagory and there are about 80 articles on the English Language. Some are obviously aimed at ESL students. If you want to check it out go here:



scroll down until you see this part…

picture 1

and select an article. Don’t forget you can go to the next page at the bottom to look at all the articles.


This website is AMAZING for ESL students! I would give this website a ***** rating! If you register as a member you can post your questions about your specific ESL questions. This page is especially useful for idioms, and short phrases. You can also potentially use this website to answer other ESL students questions, and have other people check your responses. You can even just read this website to learn from other people’s problems!