Here is a new article I have written about trees. I think trees are great and the many different types of trees amaze me! So, I decided to write an article to describe some of the many amazing types of trees. I will await the comments of Shirley, a tree expert. 😉

Awesome Trees

Here is the new lesson plan, and audio.  This story is tough, and has lots of difficult vocabulary and phrases.  Enjoy!

Obama Orders Treasury Chief to Try to Block A.I.G. Bonuses

Mp3 Audio

Here is a new lesson plan.  I am going to try out something new for a month and see what happens.  I will add an Mp3 file which includes a reading of the news story and also some added information for the definitions.  Hopefully they can help your listening practice as well!  I may add quizzes to these lesson plans as well in the future!

Should Cell Phone Jamming be Legal?

Mp3 Audio

Here is a new lesson plan 😀

Red Colour Helps With Concentration

Here are the latest lesson plans. I hope you enjoy them!

How The City Hurts Your Brain
Peru Court Backs Drunken Worker

Here are my new lesson plans for this week.  I hope the translations are good enough.

The Subprime Fiasco

Obama’s  Picks for the White House Team

A British Lesson in Automotive Bailouts

Here are my new Intermediate lesson plans for the News this weekend.  Hope you enjoy them.

Skype Caught Spying.pdf

Bailout Doesn’t Help US Economy.pdf

Hello All,

Thanks for being so patient with me over the past month.  I have been busy moving apartments and getting settled in.  I am also working on a new project which I hope you can find useful.  I am now preparing my own ESL material.  This material is currently only aimed at lower and intermediate students.  However, I hope to add more material for advanced students.

This projects is mainly because I need more lower and intermediate level material that is based on recent news events.  This help to teach English by using grammar and vocabulary which is relevant to building contemporary English skills.  Each lesson plan will feature a recent news event with excerpted and modified text from an original news story.  I change come grammar and vocab to suit the lower levels students, while continuing to build towards reading mainstream media.  The lesson plans also include possible conversation topics and useful grammar points.  I will include these lesson plans in my blog so you can download and print them, or you can just look using your computer.  They will be in PDF format.  If you cannot read PDF files, let me know.  I think you should not have a problem.

Again, thanks for your patience while I get settled.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Here are links to the first three lesson plans:

Cell Phone Causes L.A. Train Crash.pdf/a>;

Chinese space.pdf

Dont Call Me In Canada.pdf