10 Seconds of Wow!

So, you want to write a resume?  What is important?  How should you start?  My advice and the general consensus is that your resume is like a personal advertisement and has only 10-20 seconds to make a good enough impression to land you the interview.  The top of the first page should highlight the best aspect of your qualifications.  For example, if your education is your best asset, then you place that at the top of the first page.  If your work experience is your best asset, then you should place that at the top.

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Powerwords and Jargon

Many factors regarding the look, and outline of your resume and cover letter also depend on the job you are applying for.  Powerwords are words that convey a strong message of competence.  They are important.  Also, each industry and profession has jargon, and key-phrases and vocabulary which are important to that profession.  Try to use these types of vocabulary to increase the power of your resume and cover letter.
Try doing a Google search for “your profession” + jargon.  For example, you can type “telemarketing jargon”, or “fashion jargon” into Google to get some key terms for that profession.  Here are the top hits I got for these searches on Google.com.

Telemarketing Jargon

Fashion Jargon
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New for 009

Video isn’t only taking over the  internet, and cellphones these days.  People are even using video resume’s to try and get them to the top of the job list.  Although I agree it could do as much damage as it could do good for your chances of ultimately getting into the interview room, it is an option worth further examination.  I know some schools in Japan that demand video resumes for their teachers, but since they are hiring teachers from overseas, a video resume makes sense.   Being in front of a video can be likened to being in front of a class of students.

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